PODCAST: “The best job I will ever have in my career,” Gerard Brody on his 10 years as Consumer Action CEO

PODCAST: In his last week as Consumer Action CEO, Gerard Brody sat down to reflect on some of his experiences at the centre. One of the most incredible aspects of Gerard’s leadership is his calm and very kind demenour. What’s his secret?

“You’ve got to be light some days, and take things one step at a time,” he says.

“People who contact us are often in really traumatic situations and that is difficult and serious, but unless we are able to see the lighter part of the world, we’re not going to be able to assist them.”

The COVID pandemic was the most challenging time he faced as CEO. Feeling disconnected, he worried about the other managers and staff and how they were coping.

“It was a really difficult time,” he says. Despite the lockdowns, Consumer Action was still able to help people and make an impact, and the new flexible working environment is a now a sign of progress.

“There are not many jobs and organisations where you have the capacity and the independence of thought… the ability to speak to key decision makers in business and government.. the ability to speak our truths,” Gerard says.

“The work we do is about human dignity… its human rights work.

“I think this is the best job I will ever have in my career, I really do,” he concludes.

This podcast was recorded on the land of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nations. A full transcript is available on request, contact media@consumeraction.org.au

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