Senate Select Committee on supermarket prices

Our submission to the Senate Select Committee on supermarket prices aims to provide insight into the broader context and impacts of rising costs of living for Australians.

Rising costs and poor industry conduct are harming more and more consumers who we speak to on our frontline services every day. Against this context, it is important that the price of essentials like food is closely monitored and not subject to manipulation or misuse.

Consumer Action’s financial counsellors and lawyers advise and assist people experiencing financial hardship and poverty and struggling with the cost of living crisis.  The data Consumer Action collects, as well as the reflections of our staff, reveal the number of Australians struggling with multiple debts and essential costs is rapidly growing.

Consumers are increasingly resorting to Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) loans and credit card debt to put food on the table, or skipping grocery shops in order to meet their debt repayments.

Consumer Action presented evidence to the Cost of Living Inquiry and the Poverty inquiry. Our submissions can be accessed here:

Submission to the Cost of Living Inquiry

Submission to the Inquiry into the extent and nature of poverty in Australia

Read our full submission to the Select Committee on Supermarket Prices (PDF).

Senate Select Committee into Supermarket Pricing Submission Cover Letter CALC 1 (1)
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