Submission: Essential Service Commission’s Electricity Distribution Code review

Consumer Action has commented on the Essential Service Commission’s (ESC) Electricity Distribution Code review – customer service standards draft decision (Draft Decision). We generally support the proposals form the ESC in the Draft Decision. As a whole, the proposals will ensure that households can expect better communication from electricity distributors where there may be disruption to essential energy services. The proposals will also ensure more timely compensation where distributors are unable to deliver a reasonably reliable service.

However, in an earlier submission to this review Consumer Action raised several issues which do not appear to have been addressed by the ESC and we have identified some other issues for the ESC to consider. The update of the code is also a useful point for the ESC to commence gathering data about the consumer impacts of the transition of the energy system as new technologies emerge. Such data can ensure more robust policy development in the interests of all households in Victoria.

Read the submission here (PDF) or below:

200625 SUB EDC customer service DD
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