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ALP National Conference: Labor needs to take a stand on payday loans.

“…one thing is clear—you cannot and must not trust payday lenders.”

Fake discounts must end: Consumer Action

“A discount isn’t really a discount if all it’s doing is hiding the real cost”

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Students will be better off with new VET complaints body

The Victorian Government’s decision to establish a new body with the power to resolve vocational education disputes is a win for students, according to the Consumer Action Law Centre.

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Life insurance overdue for change

Consumer Action Law Centre says that proposed changes from the life insurance industry to overhaul excessive commission structures and questionable advice are a step in the right direction, but don’t go far enough.

Don’t make the poor pay more – time to end the free ride for rent to buy businesses: Consumer Groups

Consumer groups say draft legislation to ban rent-to-buy goods providers from Centrepay is an essential step to protect vulnerable Australians from the high costs imposed by these businesses.

Dodgy car park operators will now have to clean up their act in a win for Victorians

Consumer Action Law Centre welcomes the Victorian Government’s move to stop disclosure of drivers’ personal details to private car park companies through the courts.

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Consumer leases will continue to make the poor pay more: Consumer Groups

Consumer Action Law Centre and Financial Rights Legal Centre say changes to Centrepay (Centrelink’s service that allows third parties deduct from payments) announced today by the Federal Government are a step in the right direction, but will achieve very little in protecting vulnerable Australians from the unfair costs and questionable behaviour of consumer leasing and rent-to-buy businesses.

Debt collection industry can still do more

Consumer Action Law Centre welcomes the release of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s Debt Collection Industry Research Report released today, but says the industry can still do much more when it comes to respectfully engaging with vulnerable Australians.

Australians should be compensated for poor financial advice: Consumer groups

Australia’s leading consumer groups have made a joint submission to the Senate Economics Committee’s Scrutiny of Financial Advice Inquiry calling for a last resort compensation scheme for consumers with otherwise uncompensated losses as a result of poor financial advice and other financial misconduct. These losses can severely impact affected consumers and their families, the community generally and the reputation of the financial services and credit industries.

Energy consumers to get “even more information” under national rule change

Today marks the start of new national rules for energy retailers, which are intended to provide more clarity on fixed term contracts, but instead do little to protect Australians from unexpected price rises.