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Media release: Ensuring ‘fixed’ means ‘fixed’ when it comes to energy contracts

Consumer Action Law Centre and the Consumer Utilities Advocacy Centre welcomed the Coalition’s announcement that it will ban energy retailers using the term “fixed” when referring to contracts with variable pricing.

Energy retailers given green light to increase prices at will

Energy retailers will continue increasing prices at their leisure after the AEMC rejected a proposal that would have banned them from increasing a customer’s tariff during a fixed term or benefit contract.

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Media release: Victorian energy retailers failing struggling customers – disconnection on the rise

The Energy and Water Ombudsman Victoria Annual Report for 2013/14 suggests energy retailers are failing to offer sufficient assistance to customers struggling with high bills.

Media release: Government’s pre election energy statement a welcome addition to the debate

Consumer Action has welcomed the State Government’s focus on making Victoria’s energy market easier to navigate, and keeping vulnerable members of our community from being disconnected.

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Media release: Stitched up by two traders in the one deal – Foton Dandenong & All Loans R Us in the spotlight

Car dealer Foton Dandenong has been found to have broken the Australian Consumer Law, and All Loans R Us found to have engaged in unlicensed credit activity.

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Media release: Investigation into energy disconnections a welcome first step

Consumer Action Law Centre has welcomed the Victorian Government’s announcement that it has directed the Essential Services Commission to conduct an investigation into the underlying causes of energy disconnections.

Media release: Energy market failing Victorian households, annual market report shows

An annual review of Australia’s energy markets suggest competition alone isn’t enough to keep the market running efficiently and to keep energy prices down.

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Media release: Credit reporting agency accused of breaching new credit reporting rules

Veda Advantage Ltd a company which stores the credit history of millions of Australians, has been accused of breaching new credit reporting laws.

Media release: Energy retailers given the green light to increase prices at will

Energy retailers would have been banned from increasing tariff mid contract under a consumer advocate proposal, but the AEMC’s proposed ruling favours the system which allows retailers to increase prices at will.

Media release: New report calls on energy retailers to improve support for struggling households

Problems with Payment tells the stories of thirteen Victorians trying to stay on top of their energy bills, and reviews the performance of retailers’ assistance programs against best practice.