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Veda to refund consumers after breaching privacy rules

Veda Advantage Information Services and Solutions Ltd (Veda) is being forced to refund thousands of consumers who paid to obtain credit reports under Veda’s expedited delivery deal, according to a decision handed down today by the Australian Privacy Commissioner.


Time to abolish unfair energy appeals

At their meeting in Melbourne this week, Energy Ministers from around the country will consider an issue that has the potential to save households and businesses hundreds of millions of dollars each year. The cost of building, operating and maintaining energy networks—the poles, wires and pipes that transport electricity and gas—make up around half of […]


Federal Government takes on VET scandals with Ombudsman — states urged to play their part.

Following years of vocational educational scandals, students with debts under the beleaguered VET FEE-HELP scheme will soon have somewhere to turn to for help. Consumer Action Law Centre (“Consumer Action”) said students were winners today as the Federal Government amended its own VET Student Loans legislation before the parliament to introduce a requirement on VET […]